Pix2Pix: Edges to Pikachu

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Fast Style Transfer


ml5js: friendly machine learning for the web

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p5Playground.: an WYSIWYG Interactive programming Tool for p5.js

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p5.ble.js: A Javascript library that enables communication between BLE devices and p5 sketches.


P5 Web Editor: a web-based IDE for p5.js

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ITP Thesis Archive 2017: a home for all thesis projects made by ITP/NYU students in 2017


Mapping IFA Alumni: a data visualization project

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ITP Project Finder: a web search engine that includes all the ITP projects since 2004

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An Interactive Data Visualization of IFA Dissertations from 1933 - 2014

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TimeSmart: a Chrome Extension that Visualize time you spend on various websites


Puppy Lamp: a system that combines a digital interaction and a physical object


Computational Posters

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LED Alarm: a RESTful web interface designed to work with a physical alarm