The Jurassic Park Remote is a “Book Remote”. Users can control the movie ”Jurassic Park”(play, pause, fast forward, rewind) by manipulating a physical “Jurassic Park“ book (open the book, close the book, turn the pages). This project is a collaborative work with Cole Orloff.

I put a flex sensor on the spine of the book, and a force sensor on the back cover. When the book is closed, the flex sensor is bended; when the book is open, it’s flat. When different weights are put on the force sensor, the force sensor would tell which chapter is opened up. I used Arduino to collect the data from the sensors, implement serial communication to connect Arduino and Processing, and Processing to play the movie on a big screen.

With Arduino, I passed the flex sensor and force sensor’s value to processing, and controlled the LED light along with the changing of the force sensor. In processing, I imported a video library, which allows us using “play()” and “jump()” function to play the movie from certain part.