Mapping IFA Alumni is an interactive map visualizes the international reach of the Institute of Fine Arts' alumni.

It shows the current employment status of approximately 1,000 active alumni. I used Leaflet and Mapbox to get access to the map, and D3.js to visualize each alumni.The project lives on the Institute of Fine Arts website:

Here's a demo about the map.

On the map, each alumni is one circle. Each location is one small building icon. People can also search for alumni and locations for more information. Alumni's occupation is color coded. Here's a chart of all the alumni's occupation.

Interactive Features:

  • Show alumni's/building's information when hover icons
  • Search alumni by names, or locations
  • A interactive bar chart shows alumni's occupation
  • Show alumni's information in the panel below the map
  • Enter fullscreen map and exit it
  • Zoom in/out and refresh the map