Subtraction Week 1: Router

IMG_4520 This week's Skill Builders is to use a powerful and affordable tool - router - to recreate a shape. After making it, I fully understood this sentence: the only way to learn the tools is to use them. Cause I made mistakes when I was using the router, and that's how I got to know routers.

If I can make it again, I will definitely improve two things. First of all,  when I attached the circle jig to the router, I chose the wrong side of the circle jig, so the four screws stood out of the surface which made the router's bottom surface not flat. This is a stupid mistake, and I didn't notice it until the end........! The funny part is that my photo documented my mistake perfectly.... Because of this mistake, I can't move the router smoothly, so the cutting edge is not good. If I use a router again, I will double check the bottom surface.


The second thing is the setup for the plywood, router and jig. I used a clamp to hold the piece of plywood, but the clamp always gets in the way of the long jig. I have to stop once to screw the 3/4 circle. Next time, I will choose bigger plywood to keep clamps far away from jig, or use two nails to fixate plywood. Also I will use two clamps instead of one to hold plywood completely.

IMG_4491IMG_4494 IMG_4496 IMG_4514 IMG_4516 IMG_4517







Because the bottom surface is not flat, the straight cutting line is so uneven. I will be careful next time. Also while something is not going well, instead of continuing doing it, I should just stop and check tools and setup, and think about how to make it right.

Although the final piece is not perfect, but I enjoyed the process, I also learned something that became my tips for my future work. I feel like I'm one step closer to an artsy craftsman.:D