CNC Square Puzzle

I wanted to use CNC to make a square puzzle this week. My inspiration is the square puzzle from ShopRobot. The square puzzle has six parts.  Here's the design of every part. Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.13.40 AM

The ideal plywood will be 1'' thick. But I can't find 1 inch plywood in a short time, so I used 0.685''- thick plywood. It can work, but the six parts can not fit perfectly.

In addition, I would tape the material down. Because when CNC almost finished cutting one part, the part was no longer attached to big plywood board and would be lifted by the spinning bit, which could cut the wood which shouldn't be cut. This thing happened to the following part.


The last thing is that I should pay more attention to snap collet into collet nut perfectly. And when I'm using wrenches, the bigger wrench should fit the collet fully before I tighten the bit. Besides these three things, I'm satisfied with the work. It feels so good to making serval parts that can fit into each other.






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