Drawing On Everything

Drawing on Every Thing Final Proposal


From The Science of Mind, by Ernest Shurtleff Holmes [1926]:

"Personality is the result of man's experience. It is the sum total of all that he has said, done, felt, thought, hoped for and believed in; it is the result of his reactions to the events of life as they come and go."

One person's life experiences (life stories) - the childhood he has, the parents he has, the places he has been, the people he spends time with, the emotional attachment he has - have a strong influence on his personality. Through their life stories, we can see who they are.

As time went by, every experience/story will end (childhood goes away, we left our parents, we won't stay at one place forever, so many people come into our life and leave). But every experience left something to us, some thoughts, some lessons, some happy or sad memories. Combining every experience together, we can see who we really are.

So I want to present this idea with real time drawing. I will draw one layer at one time. Each layer may make no sense, and will disappear gradually when I'm drawing it. In the end, I will combine all the layers together. I hope the final piece will have some cool effects or tell the story.

I don't have solid ideas about what to draw or how to put multiple layers together. I found some inspiration online.




Hayao miyazaki.

Bildungsroman ( a story of human formation) a coming of age. we want to create a performance about how we grow.