Video and Sound

Video&Sound Final Project: A Documentary about acupuncturist

The video:

Things I learned:

I learned so much thing through this whole process, like how to choose a topic for a documentary, how to set story board, how to set key shoot, how to use 5D, how to edit video, and how to work as a team.

About the topic:

I knew nothing about acupuncture before. I just thought acupuncture was a ancient Chinese treatment. However, as we got to know the acupuncture through shooting the documentary, I was amazed by the acupuncturist. The acupuncturist can tell my current body state just by taking my pulse. She told me that I drank too less water per day, and I was a little bit stress out. She also asked me whether I had asthma before. And the truth is, I indeed had asthma when I was younger. And I also saw the patient who really felt much better after the treatment. We even interviewed an old man who told us the acupuncture help him avoid getting a surgery.

Here's the story board I drew:

I considered close-up shot, medium shot and wide shot.

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