Physical computing

PCOMP Final project concept

1. Singing Lamp--a combination of light and music We'll have 7 lamps representing do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti. when you sing a certain note, the related lamp will light up for a moment. when you sing a song, all the lamp will light up depending on the song.

This is one way to interaction with the lamp. The other way is to touch the lamp, when you touch it, it will play a note. You can even arrange the order of the lamps, and touch them in order, in this way, you can make your own song.

Jellyfish-Lamps-1 osram-lamps

These are two pictures I found on the internet. The project will be presented in a dark environment, and the lights brought by lamp will make a warm and sweet atmosphere. And the jelly fish lamp is amazing! And maybe when every jelly fish lamp sings a note, the jelly fish will get a little bigger, or pop out a little bit. Actually, I become loving this idea after I saw the two pictures. I hope this project could be fun and beautiful.

2. teach you how to dance

sometimes when I learn some kind of dance, I watch the dance video, and follow the teacher's move, but it's hard to know whether I'm doing right or not.

So, in this project, there will be a professional dancer on a projector. She will teach you some moves. But at the same time, you could see your body's shadow on the project, you can follow the teacher and repeat the move. Your shadow and the teacher's shadow are overlapped, so you could easily see whether you're doing right or not.

3. tech you how to play a song using a keyboard.

When you need to hit a piano key, the key will light up in advance.  So the user will know the next key. So everyone can use piano keyboard to play a song.