Introduction to Computer Media



The first assignment is to create our own screen drawing, using only 2D primitive shapes and basic color functions. Because I love Oreo cookies, I decided to draw an Oreo cookie face. Here's my first original design of the Oreo cookie.


Then I went to calculate the coordinates of the ellipses, points, triangles and arcs. At first, I used the standard equation of circle to calculate the coordinates of the ellipses. It worked out. However, I found another simple way to draw these ellipses. I used "rotate();" function to make all the ellipse rotate a small angle around (0,0). I did the same on the points, triangles and arcs. Here's my sketch.


And in the processing, I used for () loop to  make one ellipse rotate(PI/18) at a time. Here's my black Oreo cookie face! I had a great time to draw this!

屏幕快照 2014-09-08 上午11.29.57

Finally, I put some color on the cookie face. This is my Oreo cookie face! :D

屏幕快照 2014-09-08 上午11.23.26