Persuasion Design

Persuasion Design Week 1

An MAT(Fogg’s Motivation, Ability and Trigger model) analysis on PuppyLamp. What is PuppyLamp?

PuppyLamp is a digital interaction designed to work with a physical object. People can use the app to send color and text message to their friends and light up their friends’ Puppy Lamp. It is a new way to express feelings to your friends with colors, lights and environmental ambience.

Here's the physical object, and its mobile and web interface.

iPhone-6-Three-Quarters-View-Mockup copy

MTA Analysis

downloadMotivation: It's a playful experience. People will feel to use it when they have extra time and want to connect to their friends. But it's not "painkiller", it's a "Vitamin" to life. So I would say the motivation is somewhere in the middle.

Ease of use: It's pretty easy to use once you set up the philips hue lamp connected to wifi. Then it only requires user to have the ability to turn on/off lamp switch, go to a website or open an app on their phones.

Trigger: I think it depends on users. Some people might feel it's unnecessary to enrich the texting interaction, which is already very good. Many people think it's nice to have this cute lamp at home, and got their friends' text with colorful lights sometime. This will work particularly for people who have long-distance relationships. Several people told me that they'd love to have one with their girl/boyfriends. One person even suggested that this can be used by people who have hearing difficulty to get text notifications.

Future step to improve motivation and trigger: It's not necessary to add some functions to try to make it a useful product. It's supposed to be a playful experience from the beginning. So I want to make this experience more engaging by redesigning the form of lamp. For now, it's a still puppy, I can make it more responsible to people's input. For example, it will send friends a "hi" when people pat the puppy's head.