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Persuasion Design

[Persuasive Design]Week 5 Urban pain point, fun solutions

Pain point: So many trash bags laying on the street without recycling  New York City trash bags often pile up on the sidewalk, their contents strewn out onto the streets. The sheer volume of trash is enormous.

Of the residential waste, the city only recycles 15 percent, the New York Times reports. As for commercial waste, a recent report by Transform Don't Trash NYC says the city generates 5.5 million tons annually, out of which only about 25 percent is recycled.


Send people and stores securely-tied, heavy-duty opaque (non-transparent) bags. Each kind of bag is a kind of animal that represents one trash category.


This bronze trash bag-inspired teddy bear is part of NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program and is by Korean artist Gimhonsok. It aims to play on the ubiquitousness of garbage bags on the streets of New York City.

Artists in Manhattan are decorating the streets of NYC by gift wrapping garbage in polka dotted trash bags. The premise of the project is to beautify New York City and raise the public awareness of the arts and the environment.


the inflatables

Garbage Bag Dress

My sketch: 



Persuasion Design

[Persuasive Design]Week 3 Design a Nudge

My pain point is getting up on time in the morning. I have a headache and feel very sleepy in the morning, and I am constantly a little late for classes that start in the morning. Clocky is a good example to wake people up in a playful way. I once wanted to design a coffee maker machine to make fresh coffee for me in the morning. But it's hard to implement this idea.

Then I realized the real reason that I couldn't get up in the morning is because I went to sleep too late. And for most of time, I was not working late at night, I was watching Netflix. Once I open Netflix, it will take me forever to close the tab. Imagine I use half of time which I spent on Netflix to do some work or go to sleep, my portfolio will be different and I won't have this pain point every morning.

I want to create something that won't force people to do anything. There are several exiting chrome extensions like Strict Workflow, which will open/close tab for users. I want to friendly remind me to close Netflix. People can make decision by themselves.

I created a chrome extension, called "Say Goodbye to Netflix".

0 1

Here's my code:

How to use it:

  1. Download code from here.
  2. Visit chrome://extensions in your browser .
  3. Ensure that the Developer mode checkbox in the top right-hand corner is checked.
  4. Click Load unpacked extension… to pop up a file-selection dialog.
  5. Navigate to the directory in which your extension files live, and select it.

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[Persuasive Design]Week 2 Nudges: Take the stairs

IDEA 1 Follow the LED and take stairs Inspiration:


I found this is interesting - the green light leading the princess to take stairs to the top of the tower. The human eye is naturally attracted to bright lights. The movement of lights can lead people to take stairs. So I think lights probably will be a good trigger. But I don't want to turn this taking stairs experience into some dark experience, like the one in Sleeping Beauty. I want to make it bright and playful. So I chose to use warm color. Here's my design.



I found the lights in the stairs are sound sensitive. When people come, the lights will become brighter. That will also attract people if it's behavior is more engaging.

Then I think that LED is kind of power consuming. One of the reasons we encourage people to take stairs is saving the earth. So it will be better if we only turn on LEDs when there are people near the elevator. We can install a simple infrared sensor to do that.

My design is still depending on people's motivation and ability. People will use the elevator if they are carrying heavy stuff, or they are injured, and don't have the ability to take stairs.

IDEA 2 Take the stairs: save energy and charge your phone.

I did some research. In general, the elevator will use 2.5 Wh Per floor (one direction, 3 meters). That is approximately 1/2 the amount of energy it takes to recharge a cellphone battery. So if we walk up to 4th floor, we can save 10 Wh, and we can use that electricity to recharge our cellphones.

So my design is putting a poster on the wall, and a cellphone charging station near the door. People can swipe their NYU card to charge their phone.




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Persuasion Design Week 1

An MAT(Fogg’s Motivation, Ability and Trigger model) analysis on PuppyLamp. What is PuppyLamp?

PuppyLamp is a digital interaction designed to work with a physical object. People can use the app to send color and text message to their friends and light up their friends’ Puppy Lamp. It is a new way to express feelings to your friends with colors, lights and environmental ambience.

Here's the physical object, and its mobile and web interface.

iPhone-6-Three-Quarters-View-Mockup copy

MTA Analysis

downloadMotivation: It's a playful experience. People will feel to use it when they have extra time and want to connect to their friends. But it's not "painkiller", it's a "Vitamin" to life. So I would say the motivation is somewhere in the middle.

Ease of use: It's pretty easy to use once you set up the philips hue lamp connected to wifi. Then it only requires user to have the ability to turn on/off lamp switch, go to a website or open an app on their phones.

Trigger: I think it depends on users. Some people might feel it's unnecessary to enrich the texting interaction, which is already very good. Many people think it's nice to have this cute lamp at home, and got their friends' text with colorful lights sometime. This will work particularly for people who have long-distance relationships. Several people told me that they'd love to have one with their girl/boyfriends. One person even suggested that this can be used by people who have hearing difficulty to get text notifications.

Future step to improve motivation and trigger: It's not necessary to add some functions to try to make it a useful product. It's supposed to be a playful experience from the beginning. So I want to make this experience more engaging by redesigning the form of lamp. For now, it's a still puppy, I can make it more responsible to people's input. For example, it will send friends a "hi" when people pat the puppy's head.