Persuasion Design

[Persuasive Design]Week 2 Nudges: Take the stairs

IDEA 1 Follow the LED and take stairs Inspiration:


I found this is interesting - the green light leading the princess to take stairs to the top of the tower. The human eye is naturally attracted to bright lights. The movement of lights can lead people to take stairs. So I think lights probably will be a good trigger. But I don't want to turn this taking stairs experience into some dark experience, like the one in Sleeping Beauty. I want to make it bright and playful. So I chose to use warm color. Here's my design.



I found the lights in the stairs are sound sensitive. When people come, the lights will become brighter. That will also attract people if it's behavior is more engaging.

Then I think that LED is kind of power consuming. One of the reasons we encourage people to take stairs is saving the earth. So it will be better if we only turn on LEDs when there are people near the elevator. We can install a simple infrared sensor to do that.

My design is still depending on people's motivation and ability. People will use the elevator if they are carrying heavy stuff, or they are injured, and don't have the ability to take stairs.

IDEA 2 Take the stairs: save energy and charge your phone.

I did some research. In general, the elevator will use 2.5 Wh Per floor (one direction, 3 meters). That is approximately 1/2 the amount of energy it takes to recharge a cellphone battery. So if we walk up to 4th floor, we can save 10 Wh, and we can use that electricity to recharge our cellphones.

So my design is putting a poster on the wall, and a cellphone charging station near the door. People can swipe their NYU card to charge their phone.