Physical computing

PCOMP Final Project plan, timeline and BOM

For this week, gabriel and I did the project plan, timeline, system diagram, testing plan and bill of materials. Project plan: 

"Piano Lamp" is a physical instrument that combines the sound and the light. There are 7 lamps on the wall, the lamp will light up and play different note when user touch them. We also have a application scenery in mind. This is like a challenging game(because we think game is a perfect example for interaction and easy to engage users into it). The lamp will automatically light up in certain order and play a short piece of music first. And users will be asked to repeat the piece of music by touching the lamp in the right order. A second design is to involve a processing sketch in our project to create a interface like "guitar hero".


The final presentation is on Wednesday, 12/3/2014.


  • create sounds in MAX MSP
  • serial communication between Arduino and MAX MSP
  • control sound with Arduino
  • design sketch of the lamp
  • use balloons make two paper mache lamps
  • select the better 12v Lamp in two kinds of lamps


  • build the whole system(lamp, Arduino circuit, MAX msp)
  • adjust and confirm the final design of the lamp
  • get all materials
  • build all the seven lamps
  • user test all the time as soon as we have a prototype


  • continue user test and modify it
  • polish the prototype
  • ensemble the final project
  • troubleshoot and increase the stability of our system


  • add the game scenery
  • continue user test and redesign the system

System diagram and brief description:


Testing plan:

As said on the timeline, we want to try the first prototype (one or two lamps) on the week of the 12th of november, and the finish prototype (seven lamps) on the 19th of november. That would allow us to see if some changes are needed with the installation.

Bill of Materials:

12v 20W lamp                                                    $ 3.00            Radio Shack

10 LED lights 5mm pre wired 12 V                    $8.96             Amazon


Arduino board



12V transformers


black fabric